ISHS is a biannually symposium that covers updates and research in health sciences field including nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, public health and physical education. This symposium catalyze knowledge and experience among scientist, educator, clinician, student, and policy maker. It also bridge the gap between theory and practice. As we are currently in pandemic, the meeting will be held virtually using Whova platform to give a convenient experience like an on site symposium. This virtual symposium enables participants to actively involved and create networking with speakers and other participants.

The year of 2020 makes a major change in the early 21st century with the covid-19 pandemic that was discovered at the end of last year. All aspects of life in the world feel its effects, especially on health where the cobid-19 transmission is very fast and the mortality rate is high. Nurses are at the forefront in handling this epidemic along with doctors and other health workers. This pandemic changed the direction of nursing care in the health area including preventive, curative and rehabilitative. This change in direction requires nurses to improve their skills and knowledge. This cannot be done only in a clinic setting but has been done since in nursing school by examining the additional competencies of nursing graduates. The Faculty of Health Sciences, Jenderal Soedirman University, would like to provide meetings where educators, clinicians, researchers, policy makers and students may have dialogue regarding changes in nursing care after the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. The meeting wants to explore the leadership and management on health system approach, the readiness of nurses in delivering nursing care in a new health behavior, and the contribution of health education in preparing students to be competent in facing the new health care demand.

Aim and Scope

  1. To provide an opportunity for academics, clinicians, students and policy maker to examine and exchange knowledge and experience.
  2. To provide participants with an understanding of Covid-19 pandemic effect on nursing care in the future.

To provide scientific basis for strategies to deliver an effective nursing care after the pandemic.


  1. Maternity nursing
  2. Pediatric nursing
  3. Medical and surgical nursing
  4. Emergency, intensive and critical care nursing
  5. Nursing education
  6. Mental health nursing
  7. Community, family health and gerontological nursing
  8. Nursing management
  9. Public health
  10. Pharmacy
  11. Biomedical sciences
  12. Nutrition and functional food
  13. Sport sciences
  14. Others